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SAT coaches can’t take the new test on March 5th

Photo credit albertogp123, flickr creative commons

College Board usually allows SAT coaches to take the SAT any time we like, as long as we pay our $54.50 and have valid ID. But I was notified via email over the weekend that the testing giant has moved my registration, along with many others, to the May 7th test. Here’s the exact wording from the email:

Dear Test-Taker,

Due to a new test security measure, your registration for the March 5, 2016, administration of the SAT® has been transferred to the administration on May 7, 2016. This change was implemented to ensure that everyone taking the test is doing so for its intended purpose: to apply to and attend a college or university undergraduate program, or to apply for scholarships, financial aid, or other programs that require a college admission test.

You can read more about the last-minute change here.

While I’m disappointed (yes, I was really looking forward to taking a standardized test!), I’m also feeling some frustration with the College Board. Like everyone else, we’re basing our knowledge about the new SAT on the four tests that College Board released over the summer. Since this is a brand-new test, it’s likely to evolve and change over time, and we’d like more visibility on those changes. And we’d love to know what prompted the “new test security measure.”