Monthly Archives: August 2016

NEW! ACT Booster Courses

We know that every year, many students take both the SAT and the ACT. We also know that the changes College Board made to the SAT this year mean that the test looks more like the ACT than ever before.

If you’ve previously taken our SAT prep course and want to catch up on the things that are different about the ACT, we’re offering two ACT booster courses in 2017 that will help you make the transition. Each course has three workshops (one for math and science, one for reading and language, and one for the essay) that meet on Wednesday evenings and a final proctored practice test given on a Saturday morning…just like the real ACT.

Our first ACT booster course starts January 4th and gets students ready for the February 11th ACT.

The second begins on May 10th and is designed to get students ready for the June 10th ACT.