Old SAT, new SAT…Samgsung SAT?

Sure, the stakes are high in the U.S., where your SAT score can determine which schools will look at your application and which schools won’t. But in Korea, big companies have their own aptitude tests, and how you do on them could determine whether or not you get a job.

Samsung, for example, has its own SAT: the Samsung Aptitude Test. Along with math problems that look a lot like the problems the College Board comes up with, it also includes questions on logic, rotated three-dimensional shapes, and Asian history. It looks hard (I scored a 60 percent on my first try), but with the right preparation I’m sure it’s just as beatable as the college entrance SAT.

If I wanted to get a cushy corporate job with Samsung, I’d bone up on key events in Asian history, probably by making my own Timeline game. I’d practice looking at 3-D shapes to see which features would have to show up in certain rotations, and play some Perplexus while I was at it. I’d also work on a logic grid similar to the one I used when I took the GRE a decade and a half ago.

Intrigued? Read the full NPR story (and take a mini-Samsung Aptitude Test) here.

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