"With your help and encouragement I got a score that I never imagined I would receive. Thank you so much." —Owen, high school student

"This is the best SAT prep course I have ever had." —Thad, high school student

"Libby knows the SAT test--how they test, what kind of questions they ask and how best to approach and answer them. She taught me extremely helpful tips you don't learn in English or math class to help me answer the questions efficiently and correctly. (Many of these tips also helped my overall test-taking skills.) She gave me lists of typical SAT vocabulary to study on my own as well as common roots to help me dissect and understand other words. I had homework each week taken from previous SAT tests and was expected to take complete practice SAT tests every few weeks. The next time I took the test I felt much more confident and relaxed, knowing I had the right tools to help me get through the test successfully. Thanks to Libby, my test score improved as well as my overall test-taking skills, reading skills, and vocabulary." —Kelly, high school student

"Libby really knows how to help students prep for the SAT. She has great tips for helping students prepare well and take the test efficiently. She is also great at motivating students to prep between sessions." —Robin, parent

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